Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cha cha changes

So I decided to change my blog around a little bit, It's now just my name (Jaimee-Kate) as I am trying to represent all the things I do not just my vintage store, Hollyhocks and Polkadots. Of course content and everything will be practically the same if not even better!

Man I have been busy the last couple of weeks! Not that I can really answer what it was I have been doing. Lets just say a lot of vintage and vintage inspired things!

Also on another note make sure you follow my blog now via bloglovin (to the left, to the left) as Google reader is closing down and of course you wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun things to come!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Vintage History: Jantzen

One of the more famous vintage  swimsuit labels would definatley be Jantzen.
Jantzen began under the title of Portland Knitting Company which was founded in 1910. They started making woolen knits and then expanded to unisex swimsuits in 1918 which of course were mostly woolen back then. This is when they changed their name to Jantzen knitting mills.
Jantzen is very famous for their logo which came about in 1920. It featured a diving girl in a red swimsuit. This became the Jantzen trademark. As styles changed, so did the red diving girl, and the style of her suit can be a hint as to the age of the garment.
As their popularity continued they expended into sports and leisure wear, with the swim suit being the best seller.
Jantzen is still in the swim wear business and still supplying well made fashionable swimwear.

 Images via google

Currently in store I have a 1960's Jantzen swimsuit. It is utterly gorgeous in a blue hue and striped. It was one of those items i would have loved to keep for myself but alas this stifling weather -hopefully- will be gone soon and i wont need to think about swim wear but maybe beaded cardigans. You can have a look at the listing for it here ( It is truly a vintage collectable!

 Images owned by HollyhocksVintage


I just wanted to take the time to say hi to my new followers! I am really excited that there has been some interest in my blog as well as my store. For this i would like to say thank you and give all my readers FREE postage to my etsy store. Feel free to use the code BLOGGER at the checkout. And of course international orders are welcome! 

Aside from that speaking of my store, this weeks store update is a bit of a random one. There is definatley something for everyone all shapes and sizes! I have also added the first lot of what will be more to come of shoes and accessories.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Who doesn't prance around in a 50's skirt?

 What girl puts on a vintage 1950's circle skirt and not prances around there house feeling extra fabulous?
I rarely do outfit posts its not really something i am super comfortable with but i just needed too share this great 1950's skirt i have lived in for sometime. It is definitely that go to thing in my wardrobe (which sadly at the moment is quite bare) I love it on hot days and i love it on cooler days. I have paired simply with a white t shirt, something else i live in. What is your go too items in your wardrobe? I would love to hear.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

A messy spare room wanting to be a studio

So taking on this whole vintage selling project (again) is great but living in a small terrace house in the outer city suburbs proves it a challenge. My storage as you tell from the photos is well not actually storage yet. I have just had a huge lot delivered from my supplier and got way too excited without actually thinking about my storage solutions. I am currently researching and deciding (trying) on how i want to arrange my so called 'studio' as well as making it pretty and people friendly for private shoppers. If you have any great ideas please let know!

So that is my huge vintage mess and my sushi cat who loves to cozy on up in hiding spots around the house. For little mini renovations, as much as i can do in my rental, i am thinking of going with a really cute, rustic Parisian theme. I really love my old period fire place and mantel so that will definitely be a feature! Here are a few ideas via my pinterest. I will keep you all updated with my studio so next time i show you pictures it will be beautiful and the clothing will be displayed in all the glory.

Source: via Jaimee on Pinterest

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